The china times is reporting that apple is working on two new Ipads  for 2019 , it is rumored that it will be a replacement Ipad mini, could be an Ipad mini 5 . and a replacement to the 329$ cheaper Ipad with the larger display.

starting with the ipad mini . the last one was called  the Ipad mini 4 so this one would probably be the Ipad mini 5 , it’s been quite sometime since that one was updated ( September 2015 ) maybe the naming could actually change .

according to china times this would be produced in 2019 , it will be announced in the first half and the full scale production will start around December 2019 , there is no further details about the device but we could only guess that is would be without a home button and obviously a smaller one so would cost a little less they are saying that this would be a budget model which means they are not going to make too powerful nor too fancy

next up is the cheap entry level ipad . it will be rempacing the 329$ 9.7 inch ipad that came out in march 2018

this one would have a 10.0 inch display with a narrow frame . wich means they will be removing the home button and giving it a similar to the new ipads that just came out with cheaper internals

reports says that apple is trying to lower the price of this new lineup by switching to a Korean supplier for the LED displays .