27 Cringeworthy Ways People Got Proposed To

27 Cringeworthy Ways People Got Proposed To That’ll Make You Appreciate Being Single

“I want to leave my wife for you, will you marry me?”


We recently asked people to share the funny way they got proposed to and, well, it turns out a lot of their responses just left us scratching our heads. Enjoy!


1. “My husband proposed to me butt naked in the middle of the night. It was pitch dark in our room and I was about to fall asleep when I heard him rustling around. I turned on my cell phone flashlight and saw him kneeling down, naked with a ring box.”

“To this day when friends ask how he proposed, I leave out the naked part.”


2. “My teacher told her boyfriend that she wanted to be proposed to when she was ‘having a really bad day.’ So, one day her boyfriend texted her saying, ‘We need to talk.’ The whole day she was sad and worried he was going to break up with her. When they met up, he proposed.”


3. “My ex-husband proposed to me in the parking lot of a Burger King where he thought he met me. This was not where we met and it had no significance in our relationship. It was actually where my best friend flashed him and his friends for the first time.”


4. “My cousin’s girlfriend loved blue-and-yellow macaw birds, so he decided to propose while dressed in a giant (homemade) macaw costume in front of the whole family. Somehow the suit got ripped and he didn’t realize there was a gaping hole in the rear end…and he wasn’t wearing underwear.”

“Let’s just say we all got a LOT more than we bargained for when he got down on one knee!”

5. “We went to a park and I was too busy playing Pokémon Go to pay attention to what he was trying to do – which was propose to me.”

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