Samsung did not launch a flagship smartphone with a notch officially , but it apears that they are considering the idea.

At the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Tech Summit in Hawaii on Tuesday, Samsung showed off a 5G phone with a very interesting notch, located in the upper-right corner of the device

We only know very lilttle about his flagship ,  it’s used to showcase 5G video

it actually looks quite cool even if it’s a bit crummy  and the notch seems big,  also the camera’s location is unusual

A reminder :  this device is only a prototype, wich means it’s not pulished for mass production. actually  it may never be seen in stocks or any kind of stores .

But Still, it’s something interesting to witness Samsung’s first experience with the notch . it is a Samsung’s first even if  it’s unusual looking but it seems very practical .

it appears that Samsung is getting on the boat of notched phones . not that all their notch-less phones weren’t fine .but since a lot of other companies are copying Samsung’s rounded edges and designs .the company started looking for a new interesting  lineup