Talking about expressive lips, pastel eyelids and fashionable eyebrows this season

this summer promises us a welcome return to bold and bold makeup. after a long period of skincare and minimal makeup

leading makeup experts – makeup artist and creative director of L`Oréal Paris Sir John, beauty consultant Garnier Millie Morales and international makeup artist Urban Decay Steve Kassadjikian, shared their predictions regarding the main makeup trends of this summer.

Flawless fresh skin

Get ready for a the special ton of makeup this summer that enhances the natural beauty of your skin.

“It’s all about a lightweight makeup base and near-nude skin, which is always great for warm weather and wearing masks,” says Sir John.

Graphics and colorful eyes

due to the conditions of the ‘mask mode’, make-up artists are focusing on the eyes, and the eyeshadows for this summer . making them brighter and more sophisticated. For Makeup Forever Pro artist and instructor Eddie Duyos, this means adding texture to your eye makeup and pop-art highlights.

Playful lips

This summer, soft nude and brown tones have faded into the background, replaced by bright coral and pastel tones.

“Bright pink, bright red, coral – a sure victory this season. Mattes or very high pigment formulas that provide long-lasting makeup are the things to look out for when it comes to color and texture, ”says Duyos.

Bold eyebrows

If you can ever let your eyebrows grow, now is the time . Thick eyebrows are certainly nothing new, but you might be looking at the trend towards eyeshadow this summer. “Crisp brows highlights your face and give it a more youthful look,” says Morales.

Tie-dye makeup

Urban Decay international makeup artist Steve Kassadzhikian shared the easiest way to apply this trend: “Apply eyeshadow on the eyelids, then blend thoroughly. You can use them as a base or transition shade. Then apply a powdery eye shadow on top to create depth, and then apply duochromic or shimmery shades to the inner corner of the eyes to brighten them.

Bright liners

“I think we will see a lot of colorful liners in aqua and blue shades. I love this look, and I recommend the multi-colored eyeliner for a subtle color, especially if you are not ready for the bright shadows yet, ”says Sir John.

Beachy Glow

It’s hard to imagine a summer without shiny bronze skin on the beach. For the perfect beachy glow, Glow-bal makeup artist Nam Wo recommends applying a tinted creamy highlighter. “Now is not the time for smokey eyes and heavy contours. This is a time of effortless beauty, ”he says.

The key to a beachy glow is a good bronzer, which Waugh suggests applying to the cheekbones, neck and collarbones. Use a lightly coated formula for a clean, almost damp shine.