Bayern Munich club is planning to sign the talented players that has been playing in real madrid  for years to add a new pump into the Bavarian side.

According to “Sport Build” newspaper Bayern seeks to win the services of Real Madrid star Francisco Roman Alarcón Suarez, known as “ISCO”. AKA MAGISCO 

they added : The Bavarian club intends to take advantage of the situation that ISCO is going through with the Royal club in order to convince him to join the giant German team.

and that ISCO has stolen the attention of several European clubs such as Manchester City and MAN United, as well as Juventus, and added that Bayern Munich is the most serious in signing the talented Spanish international.

The same source said that ISCO is going to be one of the players that Bayern Munich intends to sign in the next summer transfer period. The Bavarian club wants to renew the team’s energy by making big deals.

predicting that  isco would replace JAMES Rodriguez, who is most likely will be leaving the Bavarian team,

On the other hand, Isco is suffering from poor participation with Real Madrid this season, as the Spanish talent sat on the bench more than once. And his relationship with Argentine coach Santiago Solari is not very good.

The 26-year-old is linked to a contract with Real Madrid that runs until the summer of 2022, while the Spanish international financial value is currently about 150 million euros.