Aphrodisiac Bath Infusion

The Indian tradition of Ayurveda recommends that women should wear jasmine on their hands, patchouli on their necks, musk on the abdomen, sandalwood on the thighs, saffron on their feet, and amber on their breasts. This sensual bath infusion may help invigorate libido and revive passion in both men and women.


1 dried saffron stem

1 cup grape seed oil

2 teaspoons sucrose laurate or another oil-soluble emulsifier

20 drops patchouli essential oil

12 drops sandalwood essential oil

8 drops jasmine essential oil


Place the saffron into an empty glass bottle. Fill the bottle with oil and add the emulsifier of your choice. Add essential oils. Shake well and leave to infuse for one day.


To use, add three to four tablespoons under running warm water to prepare a fragrant, milky bath. To use as a body oil or massage oil, remove the emulsifier from the formulation.


Store up to eighteen months in a closed dark glass container.