A bath is more than a simple body-cleansing ritual. It is your chance to relax profoundly, steam your face, and nourish your skin with warm oils that lock the water in your skin, thus delivering triple moisturizing benefits. Your bath can be deeply cleansing, energizing, relaxing, soothing, and even promote weight loss.

There are so many simple natural ingredients to add to your bath water, you can mix and match them to suit your skin condition and mood. Here are some kitchen staples to add to your bath:

• Milk and cream

• Soy, almond, rice milk drinks

• Dry dairy and soy milk powder

• Almond and oat meal

• Sea and Epsom salt

• Baking soda

• Green tea

• Chamomile tea and dried flowers

• Peppermint tea and fresh leaves

• Vegetable and nut oils

• Oranges and lemons

• Apple cider vinegar

• Fruit juices

Each of these simple kitchen staples will work marvels for your skin, mood, and of course for our environment!