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40. Do not know how to draw a lip contour?

these MAKEUP HACKS are the solution for you

 Try starting with a X (X) under cupid’s bow in the center of the upper lip, then mark the corners and connect the lines.

beauty_hacks makeup beauty style

41. this is a great makeup hack : Apply lipstick with a brush if you want to get a clear outline. And do it with your fingers if you need to add volume to your lips.

42. Before you do lips makeup, apply foundation on their contours and add a little highlighter to the cavity above the upper lip. This will visually increase them.

beauty_hacks makeup beauty style

43. Another makeup hack to make lips larger and sexier is to apply light pearlescent shadows on the middle of each lip. 

44. Do you want the lipstick to last long? Makeup your lips, apply a thin paper towel to them and apply a layer of loose powder on top of it.

45. Broken expensive lipstick? Do not worry! Heat the broken part with a lighter and press firmly against the tip remaining in the tube. Then put the lipstick in the fridge for 15-30 minutes.

46. one of my favorite beauty hacks is this one : A tool for giving volume to the lips – also called plamper – can be done with your own hands. Just add a drop of peppermint oil to your favorite lip gloss. Just do not overdo it( essential oils cause a burn).


47. If your hair is oily, apply conditioner not from the roots, but only on the lower third of the length.

48. Blot the strands with a towel before applying conditioner. If you do not remove excess moisture, the product simply will not reach the hair shaft and will not be able to moisturize the hair.

49. Make masks from avocados for shiny hair. Grind the pulp with a blender, add olive oil and egg yolk to the resulting mass and apply to the entire hair for 30-40 minutes. Rinse with warm water and shampoo.

50. Baby powder or talcum powder is a great alternative to dry shampoo if it is not at hand.

51. if after drying with a hairdryer your hair does not grow bristled, sprinkle the comb with hair spray and comb your hair.

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