52. Braid a few braids, go over them with an iron, and then loose your hair. You will get wavy strands that will not straighten for a long time.

beauty_hacks makeup beauty style

53. To keep the curls longer in shape, start curling with a curler only after the hair is completely dry. this is also healthy for your hair ,because heat+ “wet” styling damages the hair’s structure due Hot Ironing on Wet Hair.

54. Hairpins and invisibility gliding through the hair? Before using, spray hairpins with hairspray.

55. A couple of drops of perfume on the comb, and your favorite fragrance will remain on your hair for a long time. 


Moving to Nails beauty hacks :

56. Use eye cream as a cuticle care. it will nourish no worse than special oils.

57. Need to urgently wipe the varnish, and the special fluid is over? Put a transparent varnish on the nails and wipe it off before letting it dry – it will come off with the old coating.

58. Nail polish has dried up and the cap only spins in your hands and does not open in any way? Put rubber on it as shown in the picture  and try again. with this hack opening the bottle will be much easier


beauty_hacks makeup beauty style

59. Do not rush to throw out boring shades of shadows: they can be used as a decor for a bright and beautiful manicure. To do this, draw shadows on a flat brush and apply on slightly dried varnish with patting movements. Coat your nails with a fixative 

60. Use a wide elastic band to create the perfect French manicure. Apply it to the nail and apply nail polish on the tip of the nail along its upper edge.

61. Painting both your nails, and  your cuticle ? To easily remove the varnish from the skin around the nail, lubricate it with petroleum jelly or a greasy cream before creating a manicure.

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