Common Makeup Mistakes 90% of Girls Make

Common Makeup Mistakes 90% of Girls Make
the most Common Makeup Mistakes Girls Make

It should be noted right away that makeup mistakes are a rather conventional concept. Actions and techniques that are considered unacceptable in one make-up can be the best fit for another look.

Modern makeup trends leave complete freedom of action: you can just paint it the way you want it, without relying on anyone’s opinion.

Of course, despite this, some mistakes that objectively make makeup and the whole image less attractive can still be distinguished. So Let’s clarify it them in more details

and these are the Common Makeup Mistakes 90% of Girls Make

Inappropriateness and inconsistency with the dress code

The main and, perhaps, the most significant of the possible errors. If, your makeup should be neutral, then applying bright red lipstick or dark smokey will be incorrect.

Creative or art make-up is unlikely to be appropriate in a theater or at an evening reception

When going to an event or applying makeup for any reason, it is worthwhile to study the specifics of the event, the place and its concept.

Next, let’s talk about more detailed possible mistakes in the technique of applying makeup.

Errors in applying tone


Excessive amount of foundation will be a mistake for daytime or evening make-up if you are going to an event or just “going out with friends” – even a perfectly matching and evenly fitting foundation will be visible if you apply it on the skin in too much amount … The face in this case looks like a mask ,the skin does not look alive and the whole facial makeup is unnatural.

Common Makeup Mistakes 90% of Girls Make
Common Makeup Mistakes 90% of Girls Make

However, this technique is good and practically indispensable for photography – both professional filming and the Instagram images. Video and television will not do without it. The camera smooths the mask effect, the skin looks smoother and uniform through it


If your foundation or primer is not suitable for your skin type, the tone will not look the best : matte tone will accentuate dryness and flaking, a moisturizing tone with a radiant finish will not adhere well to oily skin, etc.

When choosing a primer and a foundation, be sure to consider your skin type


In an effort to achieve the effect of tanned skin, some choose a tonal foundation several tones lighter than their own skin tone – with this application, the tone looks foreign on the face and sharply contrasts with the skin color of the neck, and hands .

the most Common Makeup Mistakes Girls Make
the most Common Makeup Mistakes Girls Make

It is better to create a tanning effect with a bronzer and self-tanning; foundation, even suitable for your skin tone, it is advisable to blend to the area of the ears and neck.


Even if the foundation is ideal for your skin tone , the boundaries of its application should be carefully shaded along the hairline, to the cheeks, the chin to the neck.

Otherwise, others will see the boundaries of the tool, which you may not notice when looking at yourself from the front.

the most Common Makeup Mistakes Girls Make
the most Common Makeup Mistakes Girls Make

In addition, many foundations tend to oxidize over time after application – another reason to carefully blend the edges of the application.


While attempting to lighten certain areas of the face and thereby emphasize its relief, many choose a too light concealer, which, even when carefully shaded, looks unnatural . especially since for these purposes they often choose a dense product and apply it abundantly on the skin, This technique looks good in photos, but in real life it does not look natural .

Common Makeup Mistakes 90% of Girls Make

It is advisable to choose a concealer to match the skin or a half-tone lighter than it, leave the dense product only for pinpoint correction of imperfections, and for face correction with the help of concealer choose a product with a lighter texture.


Another common mistake when applying foundation with a beauty blender or other similar sponge is an insufficiently wet or completely dry sponge. In this case, the meaning of using this device is lost: it will not work to get a light and uniform coating (or you will have to put a lot of effort into this)

Before applying the foundation, the sponge must be properly wetted; but do not forget to wring it out completely the sponge should be wet, but not soaked wet.


We have already talked about color concealers: how to correctly use each of the colors and how to correct the shape of the face with their help.

In addition to make-up mistakes associated with incorrect use of color . for example, when trying to hide blue-green circles under the eyes with a yellow corrector (which makes them even more green as a result), also: color concealer should not be applied too intensely, otherwise the next layer of foundation will not cover it.


As with foundation, too much powder for the face makes the skin dry, lifeless in appearance; creates a “mask” effect due to excessive matte

To avoid this, choose a loose powder to set your makeup and apply it with a fluffy brush in light strokes.

Common Makeup Mistakes 90% of Girls Make

If you do overdo it with face powder or other powdery products, use a makeup fixer in a spray. Such a tool will remove excessive dullness and visually “revive” the skin.

If you don’t have a fixative spray at hand, you can use ordinary thermal water. Of course, it will not prolong the durability of makeup, but it will visually smooth out the effect of the abundance of cosmetics on the skin.

Contouring errors

Like a foundation, contouring for make-up “in real life” should not be done too intense . what looks good in photos and videos will look too rich in real life.

Also, the contouring tool must be thoroughly shaded – otherwise, instead of shadows and sunken cheeks, you risk getting “chipmunk stripes” on your face. This is not only a creamy but also a powdery texture of contouring products

Another common mistake in facial contouring is to darken the cheekbones too low. The shading line should fall on the lower part of the protruding cheekbone zone and blend smoothly below, while many apply the contouring product to the middle or lower part of the hollow under the cheekbone, closer to the chin. Such a mistake visually “lowers” the face and makes it “heavier”

Incorrectly applied blush

In the classic makeup scheme, blush is applied only to the apples of the cheeks. To understand exactly where to apply them – smile and apply blush in a circular motion on the protruding parts of the cheeks.

Also, blush is sometimes applied to the protruding part of the cheekbones for a face lifting effect.

Eyelash coloring errors


If you apply a lot of mascara on the upper lashes, stick on false or extend them – do not neglect the use of mascara on the lower lashes . in this case, such intense upper lashes will look too unnatural


a Common Makeup Mistakes made all the time

Never use a curler to curl your eyelashes after you have applied mascara to your eyelashes: this can ruin their structure and make them brittle.

Curling your eyelashes with a curler is only necessary before applying mascara to them.

Eyebrow makeup mistakes

When making up eyebrows, it is possible to make several mistakes at once:


Here you should not focus on trends, but to be guided by the features of your own face, if you want to get a harmonious image.


As a rule, the ideal color for a cosmetic product for eyebrows is one or two shades lighter than the hair color


a really Common Makeup Mistakes made by the majority

Despite the fact that many still adhere to the instagram trend of graphic, clear eyebrows, it is better to draw the beginning of the eyebrows less intensely and avoid clear lines, and leave the graphics, if desired, for the ponytail of the eyebrow


Do not change the shape of the eyebrow too much comparing to your natural one (raise them strongly, make eyebrows with a noticeable bend from a semicircular soft or straight, etc.)

Eye makeup mistakes


In an attempt to emphasize their own light of the eyes, many choose a similar shade as the eye color. Because natural eye colors are much more complex, shadows of a similar color overshadow the iris.

You can emphasize your eye color with a contrasting shade, guided by the color wheel.

So, to highlight the color for blue eyes, blue wouldn’t be the right choice, but golden-beige shades of shadows will be much suitable .

However, a shade close to the color of the eyes can be used as a shade in makeup

the owners of brown eyes are more fortunate: they can go with any shades of shadows, including brown ones (when choosing a specific shade in this case, you should be guided by the skin tone and other details in appearance).


If you use arrows in eye makeup or intensively paint over eyelashes with mascara, do not forget to work out the mucous membrane of the upper eyelid with black or other dark pencil-kyle (to match the color of the arrow)

Common Makeup Mistakes 90% of Girls Make

Otherwise, no matter how intensively you apply mascara or eyeliner, bare skin will still show through in this area, which can give an untidy look to intensive eye makeup.

Lip makeup mistakes


On light skin, nude lipstick that matches the intensity of the skin tone or lighter than it would not give a good look .the lips will be as if they were painted over with a tonal , they seem to be “erased” and disappear from the face.

Common Makeup Mistakes 90% of Girls Make

This lipstick will look good on dark and very dark skin, contrasting with its shade.

When choosing a nude lipstick for fair skin, you should pay attention to darker shades with a beige or pink undertone that will not merge with the skin color of your face.


.this is also one of the most Common Makeup Mistakes.

In an attempt to visually enlarge the lips, many people like to draw a contour, going beyond its borders too much. such a technique is always noticeable, especially if it was made with the help of creamy lipstick

Common Makeup Mistakes 90% of Girls Make

It is advisable to go beyond the natural contour of the lips by no more than 1 mm. If you are using matte lipstick, the border can be increased slightly up to about 1.5 mm due to its dense texture, but you should not go too far with this.

So, we have sorted out the main mistakes in applying makeup. Again, note that this guide is quite generalized – if everything suits you in how you paint, feel free to continue doing it.

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