Dry hands treatment at home. 5 Tricks to treat dry hands

The skin of our hands is daily experiencing a lot of various influences. This is why itching, dryness, and irritation are a common symptoms for many people, and they can worsen if you use excessive disinfectants or wash your hands too often. (which is the case of our current situation)
a lot if people are having dry hands problems due to usage of sanitizers
So ! We’ve put together some tips to help you keep your hands soft and beautiful no matter what you do

.this is Dry hands treatment at home

Apply a moisturizer every time you wash your hands

Your skin loses moisture in the first 60 seconds after washing your hands, so it must be moisturized immediately after each wash. To do this, choose a thick hand cream or lotion with the right ingredients. Petrolatum, dimethicone and silicone oil can create a barrier on the skin that will hold water in it, while hyaluronic acid and glycerin add a little moisture to the tissue.

Dry hands treatment at home
Dry hands treatment at home

How to do It

after washing, apply lotion or cream when your hands are still slightly wet. Try not to touch anything until they are completely dry, so you let the cream soak into the skin.

Use intensive treatment at night

Nighttime is a great opportunity to moisturize dry hands, as it allows the product to stay on the skin much longer. Thus, the ingredients can be absorbed into the skin overnight, which may have a longer healing result.

Dry hands treatment at home
Dry hands treatment at home

How to do it

Choose a nourishing and moisturizing hand cream or lotion and gently apply it to the skin. You can replace this product with natural moisturizers such as coconut oil, jojoba oil or aloevera gel. Then put on cotton gloves and go to bed.

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