There are thousands of tips and BEAUTY_HACKS that  helps you take care of yourself, so we put together the best of them right here


1. Change skincare depending on the season. In winter, before leaving the house you need to use nutritious creams, in the summer – with SPF ‑ filters. And at any time of the year, do not forget about hydration.

2. TRY and Use the minimum possible of makeup during summer. preferably light moisturizing tonic or BB-creams.

3. Apply cream, mask and other face products along massage lines. There will be a double effect: care + massage.

4. Do not squeeze acne: if you do it they will be even more noticeable. In addition,  you might bring an infection into the wound, and there will only be more rashes.

5. A terrible red pimple jumped like a fire engine? No panic! Moisten a cotton pad with eye drops that contain tetrizoline, place it in the freezer for 3-5 minutes. Then attach the swab to the inflamed area – the pimple will become almost invisible. True, the effect will be temporary – after a few hours, the vessels will expand again and the inflamed area will turn red

6. Be careful with the bronzer, highlighter and blush. Better less, but better. Otherwise, you will look like a doll.

7. To select the perfect shade of foundation, apply it near the wings of the nose, on the cheeks and neck and evaluate how it suits you in natural (day) lighting.

8. When tinting your face, do not forget about the neck.

9. Remember the rules: first the corrector, then the tonal foundation. And those imperfections that still could not be hidden can be corrected with a concealer.

10. To correctly mask the blue under the eyes, draw a triangle with the corrector and gently blend it. By the way, yellow, pink and peach proofreaders and concealers will well hide bruises and vascular mesh.

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