11. The corrector can mask rashes not only on the face, but also on your body. For example, on the chest, when clothing with a deep neckline. Coat the pimple with a corrector, and then powder.

12. If you want to visually lift the cheekbones, apply a highlighter on them, and a bronzer under them.

13. Attach the index finger and middle finger together above the corner of the lips to determine the point from where to blush.

14. If you have a dry skin, use cream blush and powder.

15. Lipstick can be replaced with blush if they were not found . First apply it on your hand, and then type it on a brush or a sponge. Or, with lipstick, draw a thin line along the cheekbone and blend it well.

16. If you need to remove the oily sheen from the face and correct makeup, but there are no powders or matting wipes at hand, use paper handkerchiefs. Divide the tissue into layers and pat the skin. Thin paper absorbs excess sebum no worse than a matting napkin.

17. Makeup removers (milk, micellar water and others) perfectly clean the skin of paint that accidentally gets on the forehead or ears during hair dyeing.

18. Take care of your skin: remove makeup immediately when you come home, and not before bedtime.


19. Even poorly pigmented shadows can be made bright if applied to the base. As such, you can use a white matte pencil.

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20. If the powder doesn’t match your shade, use it as a shadow or bronzer.

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