Flower Bath Salts

Flower Bath Salts Rose and lavender is a classic relaxing luxurious combination, and baking soda helps soften hard water and soothe your skin. By adding a few drops of lemon balm and chamomile, you will help relieve any skin rashes and irritations (do not add chamomile if you are allergic to flowers in the ragweed family). Jasmine oil is quite expensive, but it adds a gorgeous fragrance to this blend.


1 cup baking soda

2 cups sea salt

5 drops rose essential oil

5 drops lavender essential oil

5 drops chamomile, jasmine, or lemon balm essential oil

Method :

Place the salt and baking soda in a jar, mason jars are good for this purpose, and shake well to blend. Drizzle essential oils on top of the mixture. Close the lid tightly and shake well. Keep the container tightly closed until ready to use.


Dissolve ΒΌ cup of the salts in your bath water. Allow the salts to dissolve completely before entering the bath.


Store up to twelve months in a tightly closed container.