How should we paint in 2021: 8 trends that makeup artists revived

Trends for 2021 echoes trends that have been relevant throughout the past year. But still there is something new! The pros themselves tell what tricks the leading makeup artists are using when creating their makeup

Makeup without makeup

If the last couple of years the emphasis has really been on naturalness and naturalness, then the latest fashion shows were full of colors. Nevertheless, makeup without makeup is an invincible trend that remains with us from year to year. A perfect clean face with a healthy glow is a worth wearing trend.

Monochrome makeup of delicate pink shades + different textures

last year we saw makeup with the same rosy shades of blush, eyeshadow and lips. in this year, we are offered to slightly dilute this routine with a combination of completely different textures. For example, you can mix matte shadows and lacquer lips. Moreover, you can experiment with color solutions – replace cold pink shades with warm peach or orange.

Bold arrows

Since last year, arrows has been trending   – now they are graphic, bright, colored. With arrows, in general, you can now play as boldly as possible. You can draw wide, long arrows, and not only black, but pastel colors, for example, blue, lemon, purple or pink

Dolphin skin

Previously, everyone was obsessed with the glass skin trend, which reflected light from all directions. In the new season, a similar, but more natural effect is in fashion – the so-called dolphin skin. The point is to achieve such a visible effect, as if you have just emerged from the sea and your skin reflects the sun at the expense of moisture. To achieve this beautiful look , arm yourself with all the shine products, lip balm and, of course, the highlighter. The latter can be applied on the bridge of the nose, between the eyebrows, above the eyebrows, on the temples, on the top of the cheekbones and on the chin. To enhance the effect, you can use a transparent lip balm. And so that Your Excellency will appeal to you, you can apply a little shining sculptor, bronzer and blush for freshness. this trend is so cool . you should try it


If you are a lover of bright, juicy shades, not only in theory, but also in practice, then now is your time. Neon is a great option to dilute the gray cold days, and finally it goes beyond manicure. The main thing is not to overdo it! Only use neon in one element – eyeshadow, eyeliner or lipstick.

Kissed lips

The beautiful, delicate effect of “rosebud” or “kissing lips” has always been interesting. This effect will intensify in the coming year. Make-up should be done in such a way as to place the brightest shade along the mucous membrane and shade it as much as possible to the contour and corners of the lips.

Accent lips

Dark, rich, deep shades with a reference to the Gothic is in trend . For a perfect look with a bright accent on the lips, nude makeup is perfect.  all girls should try this makeup at least once. Also on a perfectly sculpted, sleek face, red lips will look great, which will never lose their relevance. In this case, you can experiment with finishes. The main thing is to choose the right shade for yourself. There were a lot of warm colors on the runways this year, but you should refrain from them if your teeth also have a slight warm shade. If in doubt, choose shades with a cool undertone

Bushy eyebrows

Eyebrows “like a thread” lit up on the catwalks this year. But don’t rush to sharpen your pencil! Thick but well-groomed eyebrows will remain in vogue in 2022. My only recommendation is to give them a neat shape with clear gels or eyebrow mascara.