How to maintain your nails for the whole vacation: 5 tips from a professional + cool manicure ideas

Worried about your manicure while on holiday? How to extend its durability or correct deficiencies that have appeared? Well. don’t be !- just read below.

If you accidentally damage the finish (gel polish or regular polish, it doesn’t matter), don’t worry. A regular lacquer top (top coat) will help even out the color, smooth out scratches and add extra shine to your nails. It is not necessary to cover the manicure with a thick layer, it’s enough to run the top over the coating just once .

If you accidentally touch the coating from the edge of the nail, take a fine abrasive file for natural nails (280 grit) and carefully file down the nail plate. Do not make sudden movements, try to move the file smoothly and in the same direction.

If you see a burr – do not try to tear it off (this can lead to bad/sad consequences). Carefully cut off the burr with scissors or special nippers, and then be sure to moisturize the skin of your hands with a special oil or fat cream.

Coarse side ridges on the fingers can be quickly repaired with a normal fine abrasive natural nail file. Just gently saw down the rough skin and generously smear your hands with cream. Cellophane gloves and linen mittens put on top of them will help to enhance the effect of the cream

your main housekeeping assistants and also the best friends of your manicure are rubber gloves. They will protect your nails and skin from the effects of detergents, and they will prevent your nails from cracking. 

Give your hands a little prize/celebration from time to time : use a scrub and nourishing hand cream throughout the holidays. 

French, gradient and drawings: 30 gentle pastel manicure ideas

Do you want to replace a gloomy dark manicure with something light and cheerful? Pay attention to pastel manicure – it doesn’t go out of style at all! We have collected 30 of the most spectacular ideas.

Multi-colored fingers

Paint all your fingers with different varnishes? Why not! If you choose exclusively pastel shades, then it will not look “too much “. Or highlight the index and little fingers in one shade, and all the other fingers in another.

Pastel manicure with a pattern

Decorate your nails with drawings of any theme: it can be flowers, ornaments, the Eiffel Tower or a ball of ice cream. Delicate pastel manicure depends only on your imagination! 


In pastel shades, the gradient looks especially gentle and effective. This pastel manicure can be done on each nail or as a smooth transition from finger to toe. 

Lunar manicure or original jacket

Moon manicure is still in vogue: combine several shades at once if you want your nails to look original. Or choose a colored jacket in pastel colors for your manicure .


Circles, lines, nets and arrows – geometric patterns on nails always looks stylish, but if it is a manicure in pastel colors, it would be more beautiful!