21. Instead of shadows, you can use a pencil: draw a few strokes and blend them thoroughly.

beauty_hacks makeup beauty eyes makeup makeup hack

22. The shimmer in the corners of the eyes makes them brighter and more expressive.

23. Eyebrow gel can be replaced by improvised products. For example, hair gel. Type it on a brush and lay eyebrows.

24. By applying a highlighter under the eyebrow and above it, you will instantly get an open look.

25. Do not discard the mascara brush, if it is convenient for you. Just wash it and reuse it in new mascara or use it to comb your eyebrows.

26. one of my favorite beauty_hacks, is this one :  An ordinary eyeliner can be turned into a gel using a simple trick: hold the tip over the fire for several seconds (use a lighter or a candle). The stylus will become softer and will slide on the skin like a gel eyeliner. Just let the pencil cool down first.

beauty_hacks makeup beauty eyes makeup makeup hack

27. Run out of liquid eyeliner? There is an exit! Draw arrows with a beveled brush and mascara. Set aside the carcass cap, dip the beveled brush into the tube, pick up a little product and bring your eyes in exactly the same way you do it with eyeliner.

28. Do not know how to draw arrows? Try the “spoon method”: use a teaspoon as a kind of ruler. Attach it to the corner of the eye – first with a handle, then with a blade – and draw along it with a pencil or brush. In addition, it is convenient to draw arrows if a piece of patch is glued near the corner of the eye.

beauty_hacks makeup beauty eyes makeup makeup hack

29. Did the arrow turn out to be a curve? Do not rush to wash it – trim the shape with a beveled brush and concealer

beauty_hacks makeup beauty eyes makeup makeup hack

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