Invigorating Bath Salt

I recommend using coarse sea salt for bath salts because it is less expensive, yet holds fragrance just as well as fine salt. Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) softens the water and soothes the skin. If you want to make more of this salt, multiply the recipe.


3 cups coarse sea salt

½ cup baking soda

20 drops geranium essential oil

20 drops neroli essential oil

10 drops mandarin essential oil

5 drops benzoin essential oil (optional)

5 drops jasmine essential oil (optional)


Combine the salt and baking soda in a glass jar. Add essential oils and stir well to distribute the oils evenly. Close the jar and shake more. Leave the mixture to infuse for 24 hours, and then shake again. The salt is ready to use.


Add half a cup of salt to the bath water. Stir well.

Storage :

Store up to twelve months in a closed container.