IPHONE can’t handle

everything is going to be changed by 5G . OK!  maybe that is a little dramatic . but the wireless service will be much faster … of course if your phone can support this new technology and is equipped for it .


NOPE ! but this won’t be a problem right now . yes verizon is launching a 5G service for home internet . however 5G mobile networks are still being built.


Basically , a bunch of new cell towers needs to be built and they will  have to be smaller and closer than the ones providing 4G . this will make 5G  signals get around obstacles like walls ,building and trees . and give you speed more than 257 times faster than 4G

but mobiles will be needing a cellular modem capable of connecting to 5G networks .

plenty of phone manufacturers are expected to debut 5G phones at February’s Mobile World Congress . but Apple fans will have to wait even longer .

Apple won’t be releasing any 5G Iphone until 2020 because in 2019 5G mobile networks won’t be wide spread so they will wait until it is much larger, with no gaps and perfect for your 2020 iphone