iPhone Leaks 2019

the upcoming iphone might get thinner. through out the last few years the iphone kept getting fatter and fatter , people have been asking for more battery life and more features and as a result more size . now the iphone XR at 8.3 mm is the thickest iphone since the 4S

but the iphones are going to be thinner as soon as next year thanks to a samsung’s new technology called “Y OCTA LAYER ”

this new technology combines the touch layer with actual screen elements ,removing one entire layer from the screen assembly

it doesn’t seem like a lot of thickness , it’s probably 0.1 to 0.2 mm maybe 0.3 but hopefully we would see this affect the price . this could actually lower the component price of the iphone witch means a cheaper iphone one day maybe ,if this price trend doesn’t keep going

also it seems like apple has not finished their work on touch ID . a newly submitted patent here show that face ID could be used in conjunction with touch ID

that is the latest on apple ,and it appears that they are still working on an apple car that could compete with  tesla . we will try and cover that ! .