this has not been the best year for facebook without a doubt

lately UK lawmakers released a document that contains emails from facebook

this document of more than 200 pages is considered highly confidential  and it shows that facebook made deals with companies

the document was gathered during a lawsuit against facebook by defunct app maker Six4Three ,show facebook came to an agreement with companies to allow them access to user data if they spent money on advertising . facebook has repeatedly said it doen’t sell user data

to defend itself facebook said that Six4three “cherrypicked” documents that only showed one side of the story . and confirmed that it did discussed selling the data but “ultimately settled on a model where developers did not need to purchase advertising ” to access that data .

these documents show also that unlike what facebook says it collect adroid user call and text history without permission .

with the user growth slowing down and  the service losing European and teens users . this wouldn’t be the type of coverage that facebook wants at this time of the  year