you’re an iphone user ?   then you might wanna consider the newest Iphone update that apple just launched . it’s IOS 12.1.1

Why ? , well there are a lot of good reasons  aside from fixing all the minor bugs. in facetime there is now a very easy one touch flip for the camera . you won’t have to go through the settings to find it anymore, in general the interface has been redone and made easier to understand

also during  a facetime call you can take live photos now, but it only works on a 1 to 1 call . so it’s not gonna work in a group facetime

in this new update if your face ID module is broken, apple will tell you about it , previously it would just try and scan over and over and freeze the device

so don’t let the small point release number fool you,  this is a quite significant upgrade with ton of bug fixes inside .