WOW ! Samsung has so much in store for us with the galaxy s 10

thanks to ice universe the final design has leaked and all the upcoming galaxys are gonna have pinhole cameras , absolutely amazing and great what Samsung is doing to differentiate their lineup

the camera is gonna be a little bit large( 6.7mm ) but as a result you are going to get an incredible quality from the selfie camera

Samsung might not be the first one to introduce the pinhole selfie camera .they were actually beat out by honor V20. but they’re going to introduce the first pinhole camera with an organic LED display

will this new galaxy have a headphone jack ? it is been rumored that it won’t specially after they removed it on the A8s

this new masterpiece will be a monster in the inside . the actual snapdargon 855 processor was announced and they motioned that it would be 45%  faster than the snapdragon 845 . and that means that the multi-core score  could actually reach 13000


the s10 is going to be such a momentum upgrade for the galaxy series phones , from the s9 to the s10 is going to be a huge difference