You have an Iphone 8 or below ? Then all you need to do to unlock your phone is press your finger against the home button . Isn’t that easy . Yeah but it also  has it’s risks . big ones

some of the fake fitness apps are using this feature to scam iphone owners out of money . in some cases more than 100$ .  wondering how are they doing this ?

Well! in the app store the “fitness balance app ” and “calories tracker app ” . they ask users for fingerprint scan for a “personalized calorie tracker and a “diet recommendation” .According to cybersecurity firm ESET . that is tricky part

touch id can unlock your phone . but  it’s also used to verify payments . you get the idea now ? . these  apps convinced people with the reviews and 5 stars ratings into sharing their fingerprint . which were used to authorize big payments to scammers

PS : first time finger print was used on any  phone was on 2013 by apple . the company introduced Touch id on the iphone 5s as and “innovative way to simply and securely unlock your phone with just the touch of a finger

Fortunately  apple took action and  removed the bugged apps from the their store . but  still , be careful out there . there could be more of these fitness apps with fake reviews . that are waiting to scam people out .