Sensual Relaxing Bath Oil

Hippocrates recommended the use of scented oils in the bath, and in ancient Greece balms made with thyme, sage, anise, mint, rose, iris, and marjoram were quite popular. This bath oil can also be used for sensual massage. It makes a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift for any romantic soul.

Ingredients :

3.3 oz apricot kernel or sweet almond oil

20 drops ylang ylang essential oil

10 drops patchouli essential oil

10 drops petitgrain essential oil

5 drops jasmine essential oil

Method :

Combine all ingredients in a dark glass bottle and shake well.


Add two to three tablespoons under running water to prepare a bath. Use sparingly for body massage.


Store up to eighteen months in a tightly closed container away from heat and sunlight. Close the container tightly after each use to prevent essential oils from evaporating or going rancid.