Hair Styling Tricks every girl should know. 23 simple hacks

hair styling tricks
hair styling tricks

Women spend a lot of time daily on styling and creating hairstyles. But did you know that, following a few simple rules, you will have a perfect hair style every day. Moreover, this will take you no more than ten minutes. these

1. Fast curls

Prefer funny curls, but not ready to spend the night in torment, tossing and turning on solid curlers? Waking up an hour earlier to create luxurious curls with curling irons is not for you? Take advantage of this tricky tip.

  • Tie a high tail as shown in the photo below.
  • Divide the hair into two parts.
  • Wind both strands with a curling iron in turn.
  • Shred curls and untie the tail.
  • Fix the result with hair spray
hair styling tricks

2. A pigtail around the head

To loose hair, so that they look well-groomed, it is better to shape or add a decorating element.

  • Separate the two strands at the temple or from the side parting.
  • Twisting the strands into a weak tourniquet, gradually add hair upward from the face.
  • At the opposite temple, stop adding strands.
  • Continue to tighten the tourniquet to the ends.
  • Wrap the resulting braid around the head, as shown in the following photo, and fix the edge with invisibility.

This hairstyle looks simple and cute at the same time, perfect as a daily option.

hair styling tricks
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