Summer 2021 trend – lilac for centuries: 10 makeup ideas in purple tones

Instagram continues to set trends in makeup, and now more and more purple eyeshadows are appearing everywhere . so if you want to wear fashionable makeup, but do not know how to do it correctly? just watch and be inspired!

Emphasis on the lower eyelid

If you still feel that using purple on the movable eyelid is too much , try to approach it from the other side – apply it to the lower eyelid. And on the top, do the usual makeup, for example: a slightly darkened crease of the eyelid and a black arrow. 

Purple gold

This make-up is based on a matte purple shade with soft pink shading, and as a bright accent – metallic shadows of the color of aged gold in the corner of the eye and in the middle of the lower eyelid. The combination is unusual, but very fashionable!

Sequins decide

We don’t know about you, but our makeup is not complete without glitter. it will make any look beautiful, even if the shading is imperfect. To do this make-up, you need to darken the fold with purple-plum shadows, apply concealer to the movable eyelid , And on top – lilac metallic shadows and glitters of a similar color scheme.


This makeup is inspired by the look of Maddie . We love the combination of pastel lilac shadows and neon orange arrow – fresh, bright and unusual. And large rhinestones make the image more glamorous (by the way, they now appear very often in IG makeup).

Lilac on the eyelids

A rich lilac color looks great throughout the eyelid in combination with a dark purple graphic arrow. To make the shape clear, use construction tape – it is easier to remove it without removing the top layer of tone from the skin.


When to use glitter for eyes, if not in the summer, isn’t it? Apply lilac eyeshadow all over the movable eyelid and take the shading just above the crease, and on top of it, apply a transparent shine. Yes, the shadows will quickly roll, but this will not ruin the makeup, but only give the image a casual look. 

Purple arrows

One of the simplest looks is the glitter eyelid and the purple arrow. Don’t forget about the lower eyelid for a complete look.


Take your favorite matte pastel eyeshadows, apply them to the upper and lower eyelids, blend gently, blend in the upper lashes, and add shining eyeshadow with purple sparkles to the corner of the eye. And that’s it – the fashionable makeup is ready!

How nature created

Not sure how to combine shades of eyeshadows with each other? Take a look at nature and you will understand everything. For example, this makeup reminds us of a flower – a light green stem with a purple bud. Unusual and very beautiful!

80s style

Take the brightest palette in your home and start creating! Apply coral pink eyeshadow to the crease, and a metallic lilac shade to the movable and lower eyelids. To prevent your eyes from looking tear-stained, circle the space between the eyelashes and the water line with black kayal and generously paint over the eyelashes with mascara.