TOP 11 useful summer beauty tips.

Finally, summer has come, it’s time when you can easily and elegantly dress, style your hair beautifully, in other words, conquer this world with your beauty. Summer is the very period when every woman not only more closely approaches the choice of wardrobe, but also the time when it is necessary to change the approach to health and beauty. You will be surprised, but some women are making big mistakes on how they take care of themselves during summer. Some stop caring for their faces, believing that the sun will do everything by itself, and some continues to lean on heavier food, neglecting water, which is so necessary on hot days. There is a lot to keep in mind to stay beautiful, healthy and happy in the summer! so , to make it easier we have prepared 11 beauty tips for the summer .

1. Use sunscreen

The most important rule for maintaining health and beauty on hot summer days is the unconditional use of sunscreen . Every year the ecology is deteriorating, the ultraviolet index is increasing, which is fraught with negative consequences for our health. Therefore, always apply sunscreen generously to all exposed areas of your body – arms, legs, shoulders, face, and even ears. Be sure to make sure that the cream protects against both UVB and UVA rays. It is also very important to periodically renew the protection and reapply the cream, especially if it has been in contact with water or when you have been outdoors for a long time.

2. Moisturize

Hot summer days make us spend more time outside, on the beach, on hikes. Therefore, our skin is more exposed to the sun than ever before and is losing moisture quite rapidly. Dehydrated skin is very easily injured, wears out and becomes prone to all sorts of rashes and acne. Therefore, it is very important to create a daily moisturizing ritual for the skin of your face and body in order to stay healthy and beautiful.

3. Match your tan shade

in summer time Your skin will get a little darker in one way or another, but if you don’t want to wait long, then buy products that will help you give a tan shade that matches your tone in summer. Do not get carried away with trips to the solarium, it is better to purchase a light foundation. You will look much better with it!

4. Use aloe vera

Why Aloe Vera? This is perhaps one of the best ingredients that not only care, but at the same time restore and protect our skin.  outside,and inside! Use an aloe vera cream or gel, especially after sun exposure, to keep your skin smooth and silky. Drink aloe vera juice, then your body will also gently cleanse, because aloe vera also has anti-inflammatory qualities and is a worthy detoxifier.

5. Try cream eyeshadow

during summer, we sweat much more intensely and our sebaceous glands works a lot . Therefore, powder shadows can not only roll, but even “travel” over your face.that’s why Creamy eyeshadows are a better choice. they provide better waterproofing compared to powdered eyeshadows

6. Use a light lipstick or lip balm

make-up is indispensable on summer days. But you need to strive to ensure that the makeup is as light as possible. One way is to use lipstick or lip balm like a butterfly touch, leaving only super-light spots that you will barely feel but that will still add color to your lips.

7. Exfoliate your skin thoroughly

Summer, sun, heat …so obviously we sweat more, which means our body is more open, and that it is more exposed to the environment. All this is fraught with blockage of pores and subsequent rashes, both on the face and body. This is why exfoliation during the summer is just as important as the rest of the year. This will trigger the skin renewal mechanism. But it is very important to follow a few rules. Exfoliation should be done in the evening, and the next day, do not go out in the sun . Otherwise, you will expose your sensitive skin , which can cause much more harm.

8. Experiment with nail polish

Summer is the time when you can afford to be bright and experiment with colors. Why not try a new nail polish, like orange or sun-toned yellow? Just be careful when changing the outfit, the color of your nails should play in the same tone with the new theme. Therefore, the varnish should match at least a few of your looks, including sandals and slippers

9. Style your hair in natural waves

There is no greater hint of summer than naturally styled and wavy hair. Romance! Even when the sea is not nearby, your wavy hair will remind you of relaxing on the beach. If you naturally have curls, then give them freedom! Just use some moisturizers to keep them looking good. If you have straight hair, avoid ironing for a more natural look

10. Protect your hair color

dyed hair needs to be protected to maintain color. If you plan to swim in the sea or pool, be sure to first rinse your hair with plain water so that it absorbs the water without salt or chlorine , which can greatly damage your hair and even cause the paint pigment to be washed off. Don’t forget about sun protection! Wear a hat, panama hat, light scarf, or use a protective hair spray.

11. Eat fruits and vegetables

Summer is the best period to lose weight. Take advantage of the moment! Fruits and vegetables help us feel full, and at the same time bring in fewer calories, but more minerals and vitamins. You can also use fruits and berries as face masks, also melons and watermelons, , are a great way to maintain moisture during hot days. Drink more fruit juices, vegetable and green smoothies to boost your health and this will make you look prettier than ever.

Dear friends! We hope that our tips were useful to you, and that the article left a pleasant impression. Be healthy, happy and wonderful!